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Voki for the classroom

Try this link for a sample voki.

Sample Voki

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Apps Galore assignment, Picture Book assignment and Picture Book template.

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IM 423                                                                                               Name:_______________________________________
Fall 2014

Apps Galore Assignment

Create a Blog using Blogger:  This was previously done in class
You can name it anything that indicates it is a resource for apps.  Examples:  Judy’s Favorite Apps,  Steve’s  A+ Apps

Find 7 apps that would be appropriate for an early childhood classroom -environment.  They can be free, but they need to be high quality.   You will have an image for each app and a short summary of the app’s features.  Try to find some original apps so that we have a good variety for you to use as resources.

Evaluation Criteria:
1.  Blog is created  1pt.                                                                                                   _______
2.  Introduction to the resources contains sufficient detail.    2pt.                _______
3.  Minimum of 7, maximum of 10 resources listed.  2 pt.                                _______
4.  Resources are high quality    3 pt.                                                                                    _______
5.  Annotation contains sufficient information   3pt.                                          _______
            Be sure to include the developer or author
6.  Writing mechanics of annotation (grammar/spelling) 2pts.                    _______
7.  Resources are content/age appropriate     2pt.                                              _______
8.  Page design follows visual design principles and elements 3 pt.                        _______
9.  Pictures or clip art included to enhance the visual design   2 pt.                        _______
10.  Assignment is completed by the end of class on Oct. 28, 2014 1pt.     _______
11.  Presentation of 1 app to class with thorough explanation.  4pts.          _______
        This will be done in class on the 28th.

Total Points Possible:  25 pts.                         Total Points Earned                    _______

IM 423
Fall, 2014
Gwen Toppe
Picture Book Assignment
You will design and produce a picture book appropriate for the audience and learner objective that you will develop.  This project will require you to utilize digital photography and the visual design guidelines for printed materials that are detailed in your textbook and from our presentation during class.  You will also follow the guidelines for the picture book discussed in class.

  1. Define the audience by giving three relevant characteristics. 
  2. Write the learner objective.
  3. Determine the content of your book based on the audience and the learner objective.  .
  4. Storyboard the book on the attached copy of the book template, if desired.
  5. Using a digital camera, take the needed photographs. You may also use digital photographs you have previously taken.
  6. Download the pictures to a file where you can easily access them
  7. To add a picture to the page, click outside of the text box.  Go to Insert, find your picture file, and place the desired picture on the appropriate page.  Repeat until all pictures are placed.  Note:  Be certain to place the pictures OUTSIDE of the text box.  Also, remember that after inserting the picture, you should click twice on it, go to Layout , select “In front of text” and then you can move your picture about the page. You can also change the size of the picture—always drag only the corners, and move diagonally.
  8. Save the file.
  9. Unless it is necessary to the concept in your book, color is not a requirement of this assignment, but you must print the pages.  Printing back to back is an option, but if you decide to print in color, you need to check with the lab attendant because assistance may be required.
  10. The finished book will be a total of 12 pages of content and a front and back cover.
  11. Do not staple book.  Turn book in with loose pages and I will bind it for you.

IM 423
Fall, 2014
Gwen Toppe
                                                Picture Book Assignment
Evaluation Criteria:
  1. Minimum of three relevant audience characteristics (3 points)
  2. Learner objective (ABCD elements, measurable behavior) ( 5 points)
  3. Book content appropriate to audience, learner objective, picture book format, print medium (2 points)
  4. Consistent pattern of text/pictures followed (1 point)
  5. Last page of book ends the book with interest (1 point)
  6. Layout and design (3 points)
  7. Legibility appropriate for designated audience (Font, size, style, contrast) (4 points)
  8. Writing mechanics (Spelling, grammar, punctuation) (2 point)
  9. Clear, distortion free digital photographs (2 point)
  10. Quality of printing (1 point)
  11. Book and this assignment sheet turned in to instructor by due date (1 point)  (Note:  You will not put anything in the D2L Dropbox for this assignment.)
  12. Due date is Tuesday 9/23 at the beginning of class.

Total Points Possible:  25                               Total Points Earned: 

Due Date:  Tuesday, Sept. 23, 2014

Picture Book Planning Statement

Specify age or grade level of audience: 

Three relevant characteristics of the audience (other than age or grade level)—



Learner Objective (Write as one sentence and include all four components:  A, B, C, D).

Back Cover

Cover of Book

You will fold this and cut down the center
Page 1

You will fold
and cut this down the center

Page 2

Page 3

You will fold this and cut down the center

Page 4

Page 5

You will fold this and cut down the center

Page 6

Page 7

You will fold this and cut down the center

Page 8

Page 9

You will fold this and cut down the center

Page 10

Page 11

You will fold this and cut down the center

Page 12

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

IM 423 Student Information Form

Click on the link below to complete the student information form.
Student Information Form

Click on the link below to complet the media terminology form.
Media Terminology Form

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Some of my favorite things were the "Sign Now, organization tools, the video tools and also the mobile device tips. I really didn't connect with anyone else completing the program, but I think it would definitely be beneficial to complete this with a few friends so that you could learn about the apps that we didn't actually try. I definitely appreciated the equal access to android apps and tools. Apple products hit the classrooms first, but with the advancement of chromebooks, and BYOD programs, android apps are also important. Many times the same apps are available in both platforms, but when they aren't it is good to know about different options. I love the format of the program, but when I completed the first 2, I worked with a couple other media specialists and then we were able to maximize our learning with the additional sharing. This time I was working by myself, but the learning experience is still tremendous. I would definitely participate in any additional programs like this that offer flexibility but still a tremendous amount of learning. This program is almost like going to a buffet and choosing the things you like from an excellent assortment of great tools. All of the choices are excellent, but there are some that fit your needs better than others.